Thank you for your support this Giving Hearts Day!

Thank you for your support this Giving Hearts Day!

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This past Giving Hearts Day the BPS Foundation was again humbled by the outpouring of support from our community.  Over $14,750 was raised in this one day for the BPS Foundation.  Our focus for Giving Hearts Day was to assist struggling BPS students and their families through the BPS Family Assistance Fund.

“BPS social workers collaborate with community supports to assist our BPS student families. This fund is truly utilized as a safety net for those needs that are falling through the cracks,” BPSF Development Director Stacey Lang explains. “The BPS Foundation is thrilled to see the increase in donations to Giving Hearts Day charities this year. We know that the charities within our community work collaboratively to assist these families in need and that this collective mindset is what will move our community forward.”

BPS Family Assistance Funds raised can be utilized for a variety of needs ranging from toiletries for displaced families to assisting with a heat bill in the middle of winter.

The BPS Foundation would like to extend their heartfelt gratitude to all private and public donors along with their match sponsor Eide Ford/Eide Chrysler that made this important fundraising day a success!


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