South Central High School


South Central High School is an accredited public high school. It was created in 1983 by Serenus Hoffner and was first located at 222 West Bowen Ave. In January of 2002 it relocated to the South end of the Hughes building where it remained for eleven and a half years. In August of 2013 SCHS opened its doors at its current location in the Riverside Educational Center at 406 South Anderson St. It has served the area for more than 30 year providing quality alternative education for students ages 16-21 and graduating just under 1,000 alumni.


South Central High School is thankful for their volunteers that help make a difference for their student’s each and every school day.  Please contact South Central High School’s secretary at 701-323-4520 to find out more ways that you can become involved today!

Please note: Due to the COVID-19 School Re-entry plan, access within the building may be limited. 



Partner with the BPS District to empower every learner to thrive by enhancing the services and recognition of students and staff.

Questions should be directed to:

Stacey Lang
Development Director