Jody Olheiser Memorial Scholarship

Amount Awarded Annually: 1-$4000

Scholarship Criteria:

  • BHS Graduating Seniors who have been in the AVID elective for at least two years
  • Preference given to: senior who has an established financial need or special circumstance. 

Scholarship Information:

The Jody Olheiser Memorial Scholarship was created in 2022 to honor a beloved Bismarck High School English and AVID Teacher who passed away November of 2021 after a short battle with cancer. Jody Olheiser was a beloved mom, wife, friend, and teacher who greatly impacted countless lives. Driven by faith, Jody dedicated much of her energy toward her students, and if anyone walked into her classroom, they would see magic. Jody had a unique ability to engage all learners and help them see the authentic value in themselves and their learning. It is Bismarck High School’s hope that this annual scholarship can help students, teachers, and staff remember and honor Jody for all the joy, humor, and inspiration she brought to our students, school, and community. All proceeds for the Jody Olheiser Memorial Slush Run will honor a Bismarck High School AVID senior in his/her future path to college.


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Questions should be directed to:

Stacey Lang
Development Director