Thank you for the work that you do each and every day for students within your community. We would love the opportunity for our ND Public School District Foundations to take a day and share ideas, successes and challenges as we navigate through the ever-changing world of fundraising.

We ask that you join us on Tuesday, June 14th from 9am-4:30pm at the BPS Career Academy for a collaborative meeting where we can share successes and challenges in the following areas:

  • Donor Management
  • Alumni Management
  • Marketing and Foundation Awareness
  • Fundraising Efforts
  • Special Events
  • Other (Board member participation, school/foundation admin relations, financial management, grant funding)

Event participation fee is $20/attendee and will cover the cost of lunch as well as basic refreshments throughout the day. For a detailed copy of the agenda, please click here. Deadline for registration is Wednesday, June 1st. 

This event is open to public school foundations (big and small) within North Dakota, welcoming any/all staff and/or board members.

If you are interested but have any questions please reach out to Stacey Lang, Development Director for the BPS Foundation at 701-323-4093 or .




For those that would like to attend we ask that you fill out the form below and we look forward to seeing you there!

ND Public School District Foundation Collaboration- Event Sign-up

  • Price: $20.00
    This covers the cost of your lunch and basic refreshments throughout the day.


Partner with the BPS District to empower every learner to thrive by enhancing the services and recognition of students and staff.

Questions should be directed to:

Stacey Lang
Development Director