Scholarship Development

Interested in establishing a named Scholarship?

Developing a scholarship is a wonderful way to leave a lasting legacy for our future generations. During the Development process we typically work through a series of questions to ensure that the wishes of the donor are being honored througout the life of the gift. 

If you are interested in establishing a scholarship or simply have questions in regards to the process, please feel free to reach out to Development Director, Stacey Lang at 701-323-4093. 

Scholarship Development Questions

  1. Who would you like to receive the scholarship? (Scholarship preferences) Suggested ideas: College Major, in state college preference, specific high/middle/elementary school, etc.
  2. Who would you like on the scholarship selection committee?
    1. If donors are included but not available, can the committee proceed without them?
  3. How many scholarships per year would you like to give away?
  4. Annual Gift Amount:
  5. How large will the individual gifts be?
  6. Lifetime of Gift:
  7. When will the first scholarship be awarded?
  8. When will the last scholarship be awarded or would you like this scholarship to go on for the life of the Foundation?
  9. What will happen if there are no awardees in a given year? Will the money be forwarded to the next year for more award winners, or will the money default to the Foundation at the end of the gift term?
  10. Scholarships are typically awarded in May. Is this the timeline that will work? If not, what is the proposed timeline?
  11. Do you have any tax deduction questions or priorities?
  12. Do you want to remain anonymous? (If no, are you comfortable with the Foundation telling your story publicly? This could mean photos, video and other promotion of your gift.)
  13. Would you like the general public to have the ability to donate to this scholarship?
  14. Most scholarship applications are processed through our main scholarship application form. Would this form be sufficient for your needs?


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Questions should be directed to:

Stacey Lang
Development Director