A Memorial Scholarship for Brandon Thomsen (CHS Class of 2021) has been established

The Bismarck Public Schools Foundation is honored to announce the establishment of a new scholarship. The Brandon Thomsen Memorial Scholarship has been established and is meant to recognize his willingness to give to others, even upon his passing when he became an organ and tissue donor, and to honor his memory.
Brandon Thomsen (Class of 2021) was a caring and compassionate student at Century High School. He was loved by classmates, teachers and staff throughout the school. He enjoyed his time in foods class, art and going up to the career academy for some hands-on building skills. At the time of his passing, Brandon became an organ and tissue donor, saving the lives of several people. His memory lives on through his generous act and his kind heart.
For more information, to donate or to apply please go to: http://bpsfoundation.com/project/brandon-thomsen-memorial-scholarship/
The deadline for applications for this year’s scholarship is Friday, May 28th at 4pm.

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