Horizon Middle School- Students of the quarter for 3rd quarter

Apr 9, 2021 | Student of the Week

Congratulations to the Horizon Middle School Students of the Quarter for Q3!

6th Grade Inspire Team Front Row L to R: Terry Musumba, Naman Soni, Pieper Shulund, Jamil Oweis, Katie Tschaekofske, Benny Tittle, Cannon Ellenbaum Back Row L to R: Kael Gardner, Bailee Buck Elk, Josie Olander, Alexis Webb, Lexi Ybarra, Aften Hauck, Cash Moser, Emerson Astle, and Connor Michela

6th Grade Integrity Team Front Row L to R: Adyson Fischer, Briahna Pomarleau, Rhyan Shope, Daysie Vivier Back Row L to R: Uriyah Ayers, Bryson Fischer, Tyler Leonard, Jacelyn Simons, Chloe Bradbury, Kelsey Schoepp Not pictured: Kalee Gilman-Fuqua & Seamus Kuklok

7th Grade Odyssey Team (shown right) Front Row L to R: Trevor Zainhofsky, Johanna Huber, Andrew Davis, Adeline Nelson, Todd Toman Middle Row L to R: Sophia Hruby, Isabel Rath, Madison Dutoit, Kassidy Kaldor, Adorah Bishop, and Lydia Johnson Back Row L to R: Emmersyn Schuler, Avery Hoyt, Cambree Ott, Delainey Lenoir, Jaron Riveland, Jaxon Jahnke, and Braxton Dahl

7th Grade Quest Team Front Row L to R: Elizabeth Laduke, Fynn Sagsveen, Kayla Mezger, Ruby Stankiewicz, Aubrey Vining, Shae Dengel Back Row L to R: Nora Carlson, Elizabeth Repnow, Aubrey Johnson, Rio Mills, Xander Fink, Elvin Lin, Joseph Kralijic, Tristan Pope

8th Grade Dream Team First/Front Row (Left to Right): Catelyn Christian, Shaylee Sitter, Geneva Ding, Andre Austin, Jacob Schlag 2nd Row (Left to Right): Bennett Ereth, Makayla Wiedenmeyer, Carter Anderson, Lauren Zent, Holland Fitterer 3rd Row (Left to Right): Trisha Anderson, Izabel Volk, Olivia Puliafico, Tenley Nodland, Addison Klemin

8th Grade Storm Team Front Row L to R: Taylor Thueson, Jocelyn Kilber, Tirzah McGill Back Row L to R: Madison Hamers, Ethan Slag, Perry Kerner, Isabelle Schuh

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