BPSF awards over $20k to BPS Students, awardees announced

The Bismarck Public Schools Foundation has announced the awardees of over $20,000 in student scholarships for the 2019/2020 school year.  The awardees are as follows:

  • BHS Scholarships- Abigail Mayer, Callie Stonecipher & Elizabeth Eggl
  • Capital Credit Union- Avid Scholarship- Alyencia Morales & Talia Price
  • CHS Scholarship- Maren Schettler
  • Danie Thomssen Scholarship- Maren Schettler
  • Dixon Wightman Scholarship- Andrew Walter
  • Gloria Sand Scholarship- Anna Schmid
  • Hendrickson Scholarship- Callie Stonecipher
  • Jeannette Myhre Scholarship- Kolby Olson & Michaela Ficek
  • LHS Scholarship- Sydney Dollinger & Tomas Pachecho
  • Neil Souther Scholarship- Joseph Reed
  • Sigl Schlosser Scholarship- Callie Stonecipher & Cody Goehring
  • Tayler Fladeland Scholarship- Jordan Schumacher & Kiki Stevenson
  • Walz Scholarship- Jordan Schumacher
  • Wold Family Scholarship- Casey Jorgenson, Cody Goehring, Leah Bandy, Megan Kroh & Preston Fettig

For more information about these scholarships, to establish a scholarship or to donate to an existing scholarship, please contact Development Director Stacey Lang at 701-425-2473.


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Questions should be directed to:

Stacey Lang
Development Director