Silver Ranch Elementary


Silver Ranch Elementary was established in Northeast Bismarck in 2022 to provide more space and smaller class sizes across the Bismarck Public Schools elementary division. Prior to the 2022 opening of both Silver Ranch and Elk Ridge, the elementary division had 22 portable classrooms housing students and staff at various school locations. It was determined that the space gained from the addition of these two elementary schools would eliminate thirteen portables and allow for equitable, safe spaces throughout the elementary division.

Some examples of the benefits brought about by additional space include individual learning spaces for students who may need additional support, space for small groups, sensory rooms, calming spaces, and collaboration space for staff and parent meetings – to name only a few.


Silver Ranch is thankful for their volunteers that help make a difference for their student’s each and every school day. Volunteer opportunities can include, but are not limited to:

  • Reading Volunteers- Volunteer to come and read to our students within the classroom setting
  • Crossing Guards- Help provide safe passage along Silver Ranch’s streets
  • Event Volunteers- There is always a need for extra help at after-school events.


Please contact Silver Ranch’s secretary at 701-323-4250 to find out more ways that you can become involved today!



Partner with the BPS District to empower every learner to thrive by enhancing the services and recognition of students and staff.

Questions should be directed to:

Stacey Lang
Development Director