Robert & Lois Watts Grants

Grant Submission Deadlines:

  • Fall Cycle- October 1st
  • Spring Cycle- April 1st

Conditions for Receiving Grants

  • Grant recipient shall agree to use grant funds solely for purpose intended and requested. If the project changes significantly from the original request notify the BPSF immediately.
  • Within one month after the project is completed, the grantee shall complete the grant verfication form evaluating the grant project and showing that the funds were used as requested and awarded.
  • Grantees shall return any unused funds from the grant award to the BPSF within one month after the project is completed. If a project cannot be implemented, the grantee shall immediately return all funds to the BPSF.

Any material acquired shall remain at the sponsoring school.

Grant Criteria:

  • Any Bismarck Public School Teacher or Administrator is eligible to apply for a Watts Fund grant. Preference shall be given to the areas of Family & Consumer Science, Career & Technical Education.
  • Requests must be consistent with the Bismarck Public School district’s mission and must be within the following areas of interest:
    1. Special projects which promote hands-on learning
    2. Projects that encourage critical thinking
    3. Projects that encourage problem-solving
    4. Projects that encourage self-reliance
  • Grants will be considered only for projects/uses which are approved but not funded or sufficiently funded through the Bismarck Public Schools.
  • Teachers or Administrators may make grant applications individually or collaboratively. Grant applications which show collaboration within a discipline or course of study or grade level are encouraged.


Grant Information:

The Robert & Lois Watts grant program has been made possible due to a 2 million dollar gift to the BPS Foundation. The Robert & Lois Watts permanent endowment fund has been established. A portion of interest earned yearly on the endowment will fund hands-on learning and career and technical education projects approved by the BPS but lack funding. Lois taught Home Economics for Bismarck Public Schools for 24 years before helping Bob manage his business, Capital Aviation. Both graduated from Bismarck High School in the 1930s.


Apply for a Grant

Thank you for your interest in earning a grant from the BPS Foundation. Deadline is April 1st for the spring cycle and October 1st for the fall cycle. Any applications received April 2-Through October 1st go into the Fall grant cycle, applications received October 2nd- April 1st are reviewed during the spring cycle. The grant application process needs to be completed in two parts.

Verify approval of grant request with your building admin.

Fill out the web application

Please note: Mini-grant application forms must be accessed by clicking on the mini-grant in which you are applying for.


Grant Approvals

Grants applicants for the October cycle should receive an update on their grant by mid-November. April cycle applicants should receive an update on their grant request by mid-May.

Awardees are required to submit a grant verification form to verify usage of funds. The submission deadline for this form is as follows:

  • October deadline: June 30th of the following year
  • April deadline: December 31st of that calendar year

Grant Application and Selection Process

Mini-Grant Criteria:

  • Any Bismarck Public School Teacher is eligible to apply for a mini-grant.
  • Mini-grants are geared towards helping BPS teachers with their classroom needs. 

  • Requests must be consistent with the BPS mission and be within the BPS Foundation’s areas of interest.


The BPSF grants committee reviews application and makes recommendations to the BPSF board of directors for approval.

Questions should be directed to:

Stacey Lang
Development Director
P: 701.323.4093
Bismarck Public Schools Foundation


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Questions should be directed to:

Stacey Lang
Development Director