BPSF awards over $54,000 in scholarships, awardees recognized at May 30th BPS School Board meeting

The Bismarck Public Schools Foundation will award $54,195 through 65 scholarship awards to deserving seniors to further their education. During the 2023/2024 school year, the BPS Foundation developed three new scholarships, first year recipients are notated as such below.

The 2023/2024 BPSF Scholarship Awardees are as follows:

  • Ardys J Munson/Swanson Memorial Scholarship- Raya Rood
  • Bismarck High School Scholarship- Braxton Just, Bryce Vatnsdal, & Tyler Wahl
  • Brandon Thomsen Memorial Scholarship- Kaden Roness
  • Capital Credit Union- AVID Scholar Award- Ingri Celis & Kamryn Pehl
  • Century High School Scholarship- Grace Larson, Lakeli Lubale, Lola Dendy, & Noah Schettler
  • Danie Thomssen Memorial Scholarship- Alexander Munson
  • David Blackstead Capital City Lions Club Scholarship- Isabella Johnson
  • Diane Sigl Schlosser Scholarship- Braxton Just & Srividhya Igathinathane
  • Dixon Wightman Scholarship- James Lee & Raya Rood
  • Don Prouty Memorial Scholarship- Kaylee Johnson
  • Eide Family Scholarship- Jackson Guthmiller, Kya Sease, Kyler Morgan, & McKenna Nosbusch
  • Gloria Sand Memorial Scholarship- Erika Lee
  • Jaide Tosseth Memorial Scholarship- Isabella Johnson
  • Jan Gilbertson Scholarship- Abigail Silvernagel, Andrew Hendrickson, Benjamin Herrington, & Taylor Malloy
  • Jeanette Myhre Scholarship- McKenna Schmitt
  • Jody Olheiser Scholarship- Kendra Dockter
  • Keith & Phyllis Kepler Music Scholarship- Abigail Silvernagel (first year recipient)
  • Ken Hendrickson Memorial Scholarship- Srividhya Igathinathane
  • Legacy High School Scholarship- Brayden Ruff & Lauren Beck
  • Lincoln Community Club Scholarship- Abigail Silvernagel, Kalie Netland, Kate Townsend, Kaydra Griffin, Kendra Dockter, Rylee Heinen, Tarryn Urlacher, & Tyler Harper
  • Mylo & Jan Candee Scholarship- Ingri Celis
  • Neil Souther Scholarship- Jamison Lang
  • Paul & Marian Walz Memorial Scholarship- Aidan Ellertson
  • Paul Kranz Scholarship- Gavyn Graham (first year recipient)
  • Pierre Louis Entrepreneurial Scholarship- Irelynd Bartholomay & Kyler Morgan
  • Renae Hoffmann Walker Scholarship- Aubree Wood (first year recipient)
  • Rose Stoller Legacy Scholarship- Cyd Nina Taga-amo
  • Roy Gilbreath Scholarship- Kaylee Johnson, Mollee Zahn, Rylee Heinen, & Srividhya Igathinathane
  • Señora “B” Kind Memorial Scholarship- Sadie Weigel
  • Tom Hesford Memorial Scholarship- Abigail Silvernagel
  • Wold Family Scholarship- Alexander Ternes, Bryce Vatnsdal, James Lee, Jamison Lang, Sophia Nelson, & Tyler Harper

Acknowledgement of these scholarships and awardees can be viewed on the May 30th School BPS board meeting video.

The Bismarck Public Schools Foundation would like to thank all donors who make these scholarships possible.  For more information on our scholarships, to establish a new scholarship or donate to an existing scholarship please go to bpsfoundation.com/scholarships.


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