BPSF awards close to $52,000 in scholarships, awardees recognized at May 22 BPS School Board meeting

The Bismarck Public Schools Foundation will award $51,950 through 57 scholarship awards to deserving seniors to further their education. During the 2022/2023 school year, the BPS Foundation developed six new scholarships, first year recipients are notated as such below.

The 2022/2023 BPSF Scholarship Awardees are as follows:

  • Ardys J Munson/Swanson Memorial Scholarship – Tara Schneider
  • BHS Scholarship- Emily Curren, Jayden Sherwin, Lauren Erbele, Neely Reichenberger & Ty MacDonald
  • Brandon Thomsen Memorial Scholarship- Sean Pedersen
  • Capital Credit Union- AVID Scholar Award- Avril Lin & Maggie Sease
  • CHS Scholarship- Annalise Klein, Hannah Buee, Jaxson Walz, & Kaden Decoteau
  • Danie Thomssen Memorial Scholarship- Terrence Andre San Gabriel
  • David Blackstead Capital City Lions Club Scholarship (new scholarship, 1st year recipient)– Ashley Kautz
  • Diane Sigl Schlosser Scholarship- Caitlin Ottmar & Reianna Ogden
  • Dixon Wightman Scholarship- Jaxson Walz & Maverick Bachmeier
  • Don Prouty Memorial Scholarship (new scholarship, 1st year recipient)- Kya Guidinger
  • Eide Family Scholarship (new scholarship, 1st year recipients)- Brayden Underhill, Elizabeth Turcotte, Joanna Fleckenstein & Neely Reichenberger
  • First in the Family Scholarship- Samuel Temgoua
  • Gloria Sand Memorial Scholarship- Allison Gullison
  • Jaide Tosseth Memorial Scholarship- Paisley Kleven
  • Jan Gilbertson Scholarship- Ava Hruby, Caitlin Ottmar, & Tara Schneider
  • Jeanette Myhre Scholarship- Brady Helm
  • Jody Olheiser Scholarship- Zechariah Zahn
  • Ken Hendrickson Memorial Scholarship- Rita Braun
  • LHS Scholarship- Ashley Kautz, Kya Guidinger, & McKayla Donat
  • Lincoln Elementary Scholarship – Blake Grandalen, Emily Curren, Mason Marquart & Zechariah Zahn
  • Neil Souther Scholarship- Sean Pedersen
  • Paul & Marian Walz Memorial Scholarship- Peyton Neumiller
  • Pierre Louis Entrepreneurial Scholarship (new scholarship, 1st year recipient)- Samuel Temgoua
  • Rose Stoller Legacy Scholarship- Peyton Neumiller
  • Roy Gilbreath Scholarship- Emma Anderson, Heaven Germain, Mason Marquart, Max Nelson, Owen Haase, & Zechariah Zahn
  • Señora “B” Kind Memorial Scholarship (new scholarship, 1st year recipient)- Elizabeth Turcotte
  • Tom Hesford Memorial Scholarship (new scholarship, 1st year recipient)- Milla Weigel
  • Wold Family Scholarship- Jacob Frisinger, Nash Roaldson, Rita Braun, Sage Wetzel, & Terrence Andre San Gabriel

Acknowledgement of these scholarships and awardees can be viewed on the May 22nd School BPS board meeting video.

The Bismarck Public Schools Foundation would like to thank all donors who make these scholarships possible.  For more information on our scholarships, to establish a new scholarship or donate to an existing scholarship please go to bpsfoundation.com/scholarships.


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