Lincoln Community Club establishes Lincoln Elementary Scholarship

The BPS Foundation is honored to announce the development of the Lincoln Elementary Scholarship, established by the Lincoln Community Club! The Lincoln Community Club raises money for charitable causes such as the Bismarck Rural Firefighter’s Association, Make-A-Wish North Dakota, kids’ groups, Lincoln Community Cupboard and our local schools. They have been our Lincoln Elementary’s largest donor to date. Over the years they have donated around $200,000 to the elementary school. They support the youth of Lincoln, ND in a variety of ways. This scholarship is in addition to playground expansion, music risers and staging, and much more. Thank you to the Lincoln Community Club for your continued support of our Lincoln Youth!
The Advisory Committee for this scholarship shall consist of the BPS scholarship committee/counselors with the intent of 4-$500 scholarships be awarded annually to students who attended Lincoln Elementary School for a minimum of 1 year.


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Questions should be directed to:

Stacey Lang
Development Director