Wachter Middle School Students of the Quarter for Q2

Feb 22, 2021 | Student of the Week

Congratulations to the Wachter Middle School Students of the Quarter for Q1!

Top Photo 6th grade Students

1st Row L to R: Bailey Bitz, Brady Gienger, Chance Vaughan, Charles Wisthoff, Ella Baumann, Emily Nicolai, Gabrielle Beise and Morgan Delzer

2nd Row L to R: Nora Traynor, Rosalyn Brunelle, Brynn Currie, Carter Kraus, Delanie Lawson, Hank Arneson, Jax Heck and Josie Schell

3rd Row L to R: Mataya Thompson, Mya Judah, Owen Gasper, Stephanie Crawford, Aspen Steichen and Ethan Alton

Middle Photo 7th grade Students

1st Row L to R: Casper Limpert, Kami Ouradnik, Mason Reeves, Wenelle-Dawn Provancial, Corbin Rislov, Elizabeth Schuh, Gabriela Garcia and Grayson Grinaker

2nd Row L to R:  Izabella Haney, Jilian Quale, Kyler Loraas, Tanner Frieze, Aspen Roaldson, Brennan Greff, Jaxon Salander and Jorden Sherwin

3rd Row L to R: Jordyn Rood, Kate Volk, Lucas Orgaard, Maya Haider, Piper Boyd-Snee and Tristan Schulz

Bottom Photo 8th grade Students

1st Row L to R: Addison Forde, Alexis Quale, Cadence Morey, Ella Mortenson, Grace Kauk, Logan Dockter, Londyn Paulson and Samuel Eggl

2nd Row L to R:  Grant Lang, Jace Schwab, Jenna Wald, Kayleigh Glatt, Landyn Grindberg, Lily Giffey, Maisie Addison and Malachi Schumacher

3rd Row L to R: Monique Vetter and Ryler Berger

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