Horizon Middle School Students of the Quarter

Feb 10, 2021 | Student of the Week

Congratulations to the Horizon Middle School Students of the Quarter for Q2!

6th Grade Inspire Team- Front Row L to R: Zakai Harilstad, Logan Huber, James Wong, Annisten Ehrman, Maddie Kringstad, Callen Meissner, Sophia Edland, and Alexa Bjornson Back Row L to R: Isaac Slag, Brooklyn Richards, Emree Saxowsky, Kaiana Zins, Elsa Kimmett, Anthonette Cephas, Nevaeh Rode, and Kevin Schill

6th Grade Integrity Team- Front Row L to R: Kylie Stahl, Audriana Huffaker, Norah Klein, Jett Roth, Camden Roller, Jace Brannan-Jorgenson, Annika Carlson Back Row L to R: Brilee Erhardt, Rose Jok, Sophie Silbernagel, Natalie Sabot, Kaylee Ness, Brayden Wolf

7th Grade Odyssey Team- Front Row L to R: Grady Iverson, Zavion Harildstad, Kallie Hay, Jasmine Wong, Adisyn Hagerott, Ava Kane, Kate Friez, Ali Engel Back Row L to R: Jacob Pitcher, Tia Eslinger, Kinley Herman, Alexa Bradbury, Capin Wardner, Lucas Abryzo, Alexis Heinle

7th Grade Quest Team- Front Row L to R: Dane Nelson, Aaliya Kambeitz, Laiken Gross, Regan Weis, Samantha Southam Back Row L to R: Cole Jackson, Ian Dietrich, Beau Knaup, Adeline Skoglund, Jillian Lemer

8th Grade Dream Team- Front Row L to R: Alynna Buck Elk, Benjamin Fryhling, Gavin Fryhling, Ella Peterson, Jurnee Wolf, Jenaveve Lipp Back Row L to R: Madysen Fitterer, Andrew Edland, Abygail Fitterer, Kadence McEvers, Avery Matt Not pictured: Morgan Jensen

8th Grade Storm Team- Front Row L to R: Seth Sauer, Aidan Johnson, Katie Ragan, Sara Anderson Back Row L to R: Josh Berger, Ben Penske, Ava Jahner, Annika Gaebe

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