BPS & BPSF “Support our Seniors” Programs to air on KFYR TV

To showcase community support and recognition for this year’s seniors, the Bismarck Public Schools Foundation will air a series of 30-minute features for BHS, CHS, LHS and SCHS that will be broadcast on KFYR-TV.  The programs have been sponsored by BNC National Bank, First International Bank and Starion Bank and will include the individual photos of the graduating seniors along with messages of support from their community sponsor and school staff.

Below is the schedule in which the programs will run:

Those wishing to purchase a copy of this production may do so by ordering the DVD as a keepsake through the BPS Foundation.  More information can be found on the BPS Foundation website in the weeks to come or by contacting Development Director, Stacey Lang.


Partner with the BPS District to empower every learner to thrive by enhancing the services and recognition of students and staff.

Questions should be directed to:

Stacey Lang
Development Director